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Are you tired of getting back pain?
If you struggle with reoccurring back pain, you need to hear this! 
Manage back pain without pain medications, surgery, or injections.
Instead of feeling limited by back pain, you could feel stronger, more flexible, and pain-free. 

No need for pain medication.(Pain medications are not the best long-term solution for pain.)

No need for surgery. (A very small percentage of people need surgery.)

Wouldn't you like to recover without pain medications or surgery? 

The rehabilitation process can be long and challenging after surgery...much longer than most surgeons will tell you.  

Whether you get surgery or not, you have to put in the effort. Isn't it is better to put in the effort now instead of after surgery?
The latest research shows that posture and movement education is the number #1 remedy for back pain.

Massage, ultrasounds, and hands-on techniques are okay for short-term benefits but the evidence shows that 
science-based exercises are better for long-term benefits.  

You can learn science-based exercises by watching instructional exercise videos taught by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

The exercises in this course were adopted from the world's leading experts in back pain.  

Unfortunately, there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding the management of back pain.  

Here are a few of the myths: 

Myth #1: My herniated disc can't heal….
Truth: Discs CAN heal. Evidence shows discs heal...sometimes it takes years but they can recover.  

Myth #2: My MRI will tell me what to do…
Truth: MRI's rule out cancer and fractures, but they do not tell you how to how to solve the problem.  

Myth #3: Strong muscles will fix my back pain…
Truth: Research shows pain is caused from putting the spine under load like poor sustained postures or poor movements...not weakness. It's more related to the endurance of muscles rather than strength. 

Myth #4: Back pain is easy to fix.
Truth: Back pain is complex. It takes time and there is no one-size-fits all approach.

The world's leading experts on agree on these myths.

Why Am I so Passionate about Back Pain?
I'm so frustrated that people get addicted to opioids while the root cause of the problem is being ignored.

I'm upset that doctors prescribe opioids instead of recommending physical therapy as the first option.

I'm sad that most people are lost and misguiding when looking for back pain relief. 

Most people do not realize that many cases of back pain can be prevented. 

I want people to understand that the best long-term solution to back pain is to learn proper movements and posture which you can do by watching videos.  

You just need the right education and guidance!
Why Do You Need this Course? 
Education from a qualified professional is not a luxury….it is a necessity…specifically for someone who is still recovering from low back injuries.
Insurance companies are not going to cover you for the length of time it takes for your back to fully recovery.

I will give you what your insurance company cannot.

In this course, you will be shown exactly how to perform exercises the most effective exercises to aviod back pain. 

Doing these exercises over time will strengthen your spine and help your back heal…you have to trust the process of scientific exercise.

I will also reveal practical tips you can incorporate into your day-to-day routine to avoid back pain. This is not some theoretical, boring course. We get real results.

It's not enough to see your doctor, get some pain medications, and do a couple exercises. You need to fix the root cause of the problem!

It's time to stop putting a band-aid over the problem and start solving the root cause of back pain. 

What Do You Get?
  •  Instant access to 22 detailed, instructional videos on your smartphone, tablet, or computer including: 
  •  9 Value-packed Tutorial Videos ($30)
  •  7 Top Mobility Exercises Videos ($30)
  •  6 Must-know Coordination Exercises Videos ($30)
Total Value: $90
Get Started Today for Only $7
No Risk- We offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. 
If you are 100% satisfied, then let us know and we will take care of you. 
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